Etablissement Vanille de Tahiti

Creation  of the Etablissement

From 2003, the government of French Polynesia has initiated a vanilla sector development program, Etablissement Vanille de Tahiti is responsible for supporting small family plantations, reinforce harvested ripe vanilla bean quality control, with the support of a research laboratory and to promote it outside our borders

Missions and operations

Etablissement « Vanille de Tahiti » is an industrial and commercial public undertaking established by ruling No 2003-068/APF of 25 May 2003

Within this framework, it may conduct any operation in direct or indirect relationship to the object or susceptible to promote exploitation, development or promotion.

Therefore missions of the Etablissement Vanille de Tahiti are:

  • promotion of vanilla beans produced in French Polynesia;
  • ensure quality control of vanilla beans produced in French Polynesia.
  • set up any action in legal protection of vanilla beans produced in French Polynesia.
  • ensure, with conventions with accredited public or private establishments, training of producers, processors and experts in vanilla beans;
  • ensure technical guidance of vanilla beans producers;
  • manage research applied to vanilla beans development;
  • set up and manage incentives for establishing new parcels dedicated to vanilla plants;
  • market with vanilla beans producers, goods and services dedicated to creation, renewal and management of their farm;
  • manage public domain lands assigned to the Etablissement and dedicated to vanilla farming.

Organization chart

Organization and operation of Etablissement “ Vanille de Tahiti”, an industrial and commercial public undertaking were established by ruling No 1115/CM of 6 August 2003, as amended*.

Governing board

Etablissement Vanille de Tahiti is administered by a Governing board consisting of 10 members :

a. Under the representatives of French Polynesia
  • - minister in charge of agriculture, president ;
  • - minister in charge of development of archipelagos, vice-president ;
  • - minister in charge of economy or the representative, member ;
  • - minister in charge of land affairs or the representative, member;
  • - representative of the Assembly of French Polynesia appointed by the Assembly of French Polynesia or the deputy, member;
b. Under the representatives of the industry professionals
  • - four vanilla beans producers appointed by the Council of Ministers, members;
  • - an expert in vanilla beans appointed by the Council of Ministers, member;
  • - 2 preparator or expotator from the vanilla industry, member.
Automatically attend meetings of the Governing board, with advisory capacity:

  • - director of the Etablissement;
  • - financial director of the Etablissement or the representative;
  • - government commissioner of the Etablissement;
  • - general inspector of the administration of the territory or the representative.
Besides, upon proposition of the director, the president of the governing board may invite someone in order to facilitate discussions regarding subjects on the agenda.

The governing board of the Etablissement has set up 4 committees:

  • - A standing committee competent in discuss, in the interval during sessions of the governing board, in matters in its delegations
  • - A committee attributing aids in charge of attributing aids under development of vanilla or in-kind support for vanilla beans producers.
  • - An “ordering” committee that may be consulted on the choices of Etablissement’s dealers regarding supply of goods, services or works.
  • - Tenders may be examined by an “examining committee” when the Etablissement sells reformed materials or propositions during tenders.
The governing board sets up operation, research, development, extension and vanilla quality control general policy for all the French Polynesian archipelagos. It sets up conditions of its marketing and is in charge of its promotion

The president of the governing board

The president of the governing board ensures the proper functioning of the council, compliance and enforcement of its deliberations, represents the Etablissement in French Polynesia and overseas

Direction of the Etablissement

The director is appointed by an order of the council of ministers, is in charge in implementing guidance taken by the governing board. S/he is in charge of the enforcement of its deliberations as well as those taken by its committees.

Etablissement Vanille de Tahiti, with its direction, departments and in order to develop Tahitian vanilla market participates and implements promotional actions, locally and internationnaly, for the promotion of Tahitian Vanilla.

Etablissement Vanille de Tahiti, give a technical support and coordinates promotional accompanying measures to exporters.

The Etablissement is composed of departments which roles and mandates are given by the governing board